Clearing Your Hurdles

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to make your Health a priority, and you’ve committed to a plan of attack. You’re eating better, sleeping better, moving more, and starting to feel and see improvements already. 

But you’re also facing some new challenges aren’t you? You may be encountering some roadblocks in the form of negative criticism from a friend or loved one, sabotage or peer-bullying from a co-worker, resistance from a child, or worst of all an unsupportive spouse or partner. These are all common problems when we start making different choices in our lives. 

I’ll be addressing these four issues in my upcoming series of articles “Clearing the Hurdles”. We’ll take a look at what may be motivating the conflicts, and healthy ways to address them, as well as ways to support yourself in creating boundaries when the friction can’t be eliminated. 

All change and growth creates some amount of pain, some may be physical, some be emotional-but all is necessary. How we deal with that pain, is often the deciding factor in whether we achieve our goals or choose to stay in a static state. 

The first topic we’ll be covering will be the negative friend/loved one. We all have at least one person in our inner circle who will choose to question the merits of our new choices, often in a passive-aggressive manner. They may question the validity of our new dietary habits. They could wonder about the effectiveness of our movement practices. Perhaps they like to dredge up our previous attempts to improve ourselves and focus on what they perceive as our ‘failures’. We’ll be addressing ways to deal with these criticisms in a positive manner, reinforcing your commitment to your new choices, and possibly creating a healthier more positive relationship with your (former) critic. While dealing with a critic is never fun, often times these people are the very ones to help us clarify our goals and cement our resolve. Blessings in disguise, right? 

I hope you’ll join me for the whole series. I’ll be publishing the first installment on Monday, November 2nd; and ::drumroll:: I’ll also be Periscoping these topics as they are posted here on the blog. I hope you’ll join in on the conversation there, and here in the comments section. 

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If you are currently experiencing friction regarding your healthy lifestyle choices, please leave a message below and we can help you get started finding ways to deal with it in positive, effective way. 

Have a great weekend!