Confessions of an Egg-centric Eater

True Confession Time over here. 

I just finally figured out that I cannot eat eggs in the morning without suffering wicked digestive upset. I have been dealing with the unhappy consequences of my beloved egg-centric morning meals for months, and while the data (via food journalling) has been piling up, I have been engaging in the mental equivalent of putting my fingers in my ears and yelling LA-LA-LA ICANTHEARYOU! I have finally and reluctantly had to admit that at least 90% of my continuing digestive unrest is due to morning eggs. Sad Face. 

Like so many folks who have switched to a Paleo or Primal eating approach after years of either a SAD diet or in my case, long-term Vegetarianism, I initially felt so much better! Kicking grains out of my diet eliminated my nearly constant stomach pain, bloating, and gas issues. Same with eliminating most forms of Dairy. However, as the months passed I started to feel not-so-great again after breakfast. For quite some time I chalked this up to stress at work, and thinking about what was waiting for me at the office. But then I left that job, and still the symptoms persisted. What the heck? 

So I did what I always ask my clients to do, which is to keep a food journal. For weeks I recorded what I ate for breakfast, what time I ate, and how I felt afterwards. Then I expanded my journal out to include all of my meals and snacks, just to look for patterns. Then I tried eliminating known digestive disrupters and journalling the effects of that. I was my own N=1 diet study. After all of that data collection and review, I was still a bit baffled. There didn’t seem to be a crystal clear pattern, at least not one I could see. I was at a loss as to what to do next.

Finally, as a last ditch measure, I stopped eating eggs in the morning for about two weeks. I wasn’t happy about it, but I was really tired of my guts going into protestations immediately post-breakfast. After that egg-free period, I had a simple scrambled egg breakfast and within 10 minutes had to RUN for the WC. Mystery solved. 

The interesting thing is, I don’t seem to have a problem with using an egg in making burgers or meatballs, etc. All I can say for sure is that right now and for the foreseeable future, eggs are off my breakfast plate. But that creates the question….What do I eat now? 

I’m not going to lie, this has been a bit of a bummer for me. I love eggs, and have relied on them for my morning hit of protein for years. Even this morning I was feeling mully-grubby watching Mr. Man scramble up his eggs to eat with his sweet potato hash. After throwing together an okay breakfast of a chunk of sopprasseta, sliced apple, cashews, and dried blueberries, I resolved to come up with a list of at least 5 tasty, nourishing breakfasts for the upcoming cool weather mornings. I love a smoothie, but when it’s cold outside, I need warm food to feel satisfied and happy. Here is my list of what I came up with:

1. Almond Meal-Berry “Porridge”
2. Breakfast Sausage with Apple and Sweet Potato sauté
3. Salmon BLT wraps (with lettuce as the wraps)
4. Baked Egg-free Pumpkin ‘Custard’ 
5. Baked Sweet Potato topped with Autumn Spices, Bacon, and Maple Drizzle.
6. Baked Apples stuffed with nuts, berries, and chopped dates. 

Because I’m not 100% dairy free, I may drizzle a bit of Creme Fraiche on the Apples or Baked Sweet Potatoes. I plan to rotate through these 6 recipes, and add others as I think of them. I’m working on coming up with some Breakfast Soups that speak to me, so as soon as I have those worked out I’ll be posting them here. And since I’ll be keeping a list of what I’m making, you can look forward to a Top Eggless Breakfast Round-Up blog post soon.  

As you can see, the path to optimal Health and Wellness is a constant journey. There is no such thing as being DONE. We all have to remain adaptable and mindful of where we are at all times, and I'm currently living on eggless island. If any of you are eggless as well, I’d love to hear what you enjoy eating in the mornings. Just leave me a post in the Comments section. 

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