How can a Wellness Coach help you improve your life?

Many of us have experienced being coached in our lives: we may have had tutors or coaches to help us sharpen our academic skills; sports coaches to help us improve our athletic skills; we may have had career coaching to help us prepare to enter the work world. Once we were in our careers we may have experienced job-specific coaching. Coaching is a vital part of developing ourselves fully in many areas. Why should our health and wellness be excluded from that? 

Today, our healthcare providers are busier than ever—often an appointment lasts no longer than 15 minutes. During those precious few minutes our doctors must interpret symptoms, make a diagnosis, and prescribe a treatment. That doesn’t leave much time to help us understand everything, answer questions, allow us to process that information, and begin to navigate any necessary changes to our lifestyles. Most doctors don’t even have time to consider our current lifestyles and their effects on our health. When is the last time your doctor asked you about your daily diet and movement habits? Or how your job is going? Or how your primary relationship is doing? However, all of these things affect our wellness. 

This is where working with a wellness coach can be so beneficial. We do have the time to spend with you, getting to know you and your life. Wellness Coaches help you figure out what areas of your life are out of balance, What you want to achieve, and how you want to get there. We don’t dictate anything to you. We don’t force you to change anything you don’t want to. We help you discover your unique path to your wellness and then support you on that journey.  You have the knowledge and ability to transform your wellness, but you may not be sure how to access your power to change. You may even be a little (a lot!) nervous about making changes. That's okay, you don't have to go it alone. As your Wellness Coach, I'll be right beside you cheering, challenging, and celebrating you! 

Are you ready?