Meet The Universe Halfway

Recently I was chatting with a friend who is also a Coach, and we got on the topic of unrealized goals, and how to facilitate breakthroughs in achieving them. Yeah, coaches often end up in these sorts of conversations where we’re basically coaching each other on how to better coach our clients. It's a big circle of coaching goodness. During that convo I suddenly blurted out what turned into the title to this piece-Hmm coincidence?

Are you struggling for a breakthrough?

You've defined your goals and set your intentions. Maybe you've even shared your goals publicly, thus creating a sense of accountability. You really want this-- but for some reason you aren't making progress. You're stuck. You're starting to get frustrated with the whole thing. You're just about ready to throw in the towel. Again.

Sound familiar?

We've all been there, and I'm betting some of you are there right now! You're probably starting to believe that you just aren't meant to achieve this goal- after all if something is meant to be, it would just happen, right? That's what all the memes say, and all the affirmations, and all the cute Pinterest vision boards you've made that are filled with positive inspiring messages. So why isn't the Universe giving you what you're asking for?? Why??

The Universe, my friends, vast and beautiful is not thwarting you-it wants to give you what you need. But its gifts to you aren't going to be delivered to your front door- they don't come via Amazon Drone! You need to put the work in, and recognize the resources around you.

Ask and you shall receive

Have you ever noticed that once you decide to pursue a goal all sorts of helpful people and information start falling into your lap? It happens all the time- to all of us. And usually we just ignore it! Example: you say you want to learn how to make crêpes. Your neighbor mentions she loves to make them, and has recently bought a new pan just for cooking them. What do you say? If you're like most people you congratulate her on her purchase and move on to the next topic. NO! STOP! That's your chance to ask her to bring her pan over and teach you how she makes these delicate little morsels of goodness. She WANTS you to ask. The Universe wants you to ask. But it's up to you to make the effort. Okay, that's a small goal example. 

What about if you have BIG goals? Huge Goals? 

It doesn't matter how big your goals are. The same things apply. Really. I know firsthand how scary it can be to reach out and ask those experts who have suddenly shown up in your sphere to help you. But if you don't ask, if you don't make the effort, they can't help you achieve your goals.

When I decided to start Tenacious Acorn, I needed to learn a whole slew of business skills - marketing, branding, promotion, website content creation- the list goes on, and for me it's a pretty intimidating list. But I started to notice that the more I shared my goals and needs with people, the more help I got! People who had the skills and knowledge I needed started showing up in my life. I was able to ask experts for advice, and they were happy to share with me. Some of that help has meant a financial investment on my part, and some has been gratis. But my goals are worthy and important enough to invest in.

You are worth it

What are your big goals right now? Do you know? Do you know how you’re going to realize them? Have you tripped on any new resources or information related to achieving those goals? Have you stretched out of your comfort zone and really invested in engaging those resources- whether those resources are Coaches, or websites, blogs, or online programs? You have to be willing to Recognize, Appreciate, and Utilize the experts, teachers, and helpers you've attracted by defining your goals. They'll keep showing up, and the more committed you are, the more effort you make, the more help you'll receive - but you've got to Meet the Universe Halfway!