5 Tips for a Healthier, Happier You!

We all want to be healthy and happy, but our busy lives can get in the way of doing the things we know we should be doing. No matter what’s on your to-do list you’ll be able to fit these five easy tips into your day. Here we go:

  1. Drink your water. You know you need to be drinking more water, but how much is the right amount? Opinions differ on the perfect amount, but a good guideline is to drink the liquid ounces equivalent of half your body weight, e.g. a 140 lb person would drink 70 fluid ounces of water. If you’re active, or in a hot/humid environment, you’ll need to increase that amount to compensate for the fluids you’re losing through sweat and exertion. I know plain water gets boring, to make it more appealing add in sliced lemon, cucumber, berries, grapefruit, orange slices, basically whatever fruits or veggies you enjoy and let them add a little flavor and zip. Just make sure you use organic produce or wash it really well. None of us need to ingest more pesticides.
  2. Tune Out. Find time to disconnect from all the noise. Whether you work in an office, at a school, on an assembly line, or at home, we are all constantly assaulted by visual and auditory stimulation, often to the point of overstimulation. This constant barrage on our senses leads to headaches, eye-strain, mental irritation, loss of focus and lower productivity. Taking 15 minutes to tune out, and allow our minds to rest will not only help us feel better, but help us be better at what we do. Pop in some earphones, or earplugs, and close your eyes (I use a sleep mask to block out light). Let yourself relax and decompress for 15 minutes. If you need help blocking out environmental noises, play soothing nature sounds, or ambient music. You can find a link to the app I use HERE. Your brain will thank you by being more focused and efficient. 
  3. Get outside. Sunlight is crucial for our health—both mental and physical. By getting 15 minutes of sunlight on your skin each day, you can build and maintain optimal Vitamin D levels, and improve your mood as well. Exposing our eyes to unfiltered sunlight helps to correct our circadian rhythms, allowing us to sleep better. There’s really no downside to getting a little sun. And while you’re out there soaking up the rays, move around a bit. Get that blood flowing. You’ll feel refreshed and energized, and ready for whatever the day has in store for you. 
  4. Go Green. Not talking about recycling here, (although you should do that too) but eating your greens. Leafy greens contain a multitude of vitamins and minerals, provide fiber, and antioxidants, and taste great! If you’re tired of salads, try having a mostly green smoothie. Fill your blender with a mix of greens, cucumber, ginger, celery, lemon juice, some frozen mango, and coconut water. Vegetable based smoothies are a great way to get more green into your diet, just be sure to go easy on the fruit and added sweeteners. 
  5. Have a little FUN! Sometimes we forget that life should be enjoyed—sure we all need to work, and there are always plenty of tedious/boring/mundane tasks we need to accomplish—but each day we should set aside some time to reconnect with our joyful, playful side. Just because we got older doesn’t mean we no longer need to play and have fun. Whether you play with your kids, your dog, paint, sing, draw, whatever— just do it! You might start out feeling a little silly or self-indulgent, but you’ll end up feeling happy, and recharged.  

I try to do all of these everyday, and I hope you’ll incorporate them into your life as well. Let me know in the comments how you’re using these suggestions and how they’re making you feel. 

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