Drumroll Please...

You may have noticed a new section here on the T.A. website— it says Podcast.  If you click on it, you’ll be able to listen to the brand new, super sparkly Tenacious Acorn Podcast! 

In our Premiere episode I give you a run down of my experiences leading corporate sponsored and branded healthy eating challenges, and talk a little bit about whether I think cleanses and detox regimens are worth the money and effort. 

My goals for this newest addition to the Tenacious Acorn empire are fairly simple: I want to provide you- my readers, listeners, and followers, with honest, down-to-earth information on topics to help you live well. Consequently we’ll be discussing food, lifestyle, fitness, answering listener questions and occasionally elaborating on topics I’ve touched on here on the blog. I’ve already got some amazing guests in mind to interview as well. 

Our plan is to release a new episode each week, although we don’t have a particular day decided on yet. Hopefully we’ll get that sorted out relatively quickly, but you know I hate a rigid schedule.

I hope you’ll give the current episode a listen, and leave me your thoughts in the comment section. I’m learning as I go with this, so feedback is very appreciated! Feel free to suggest topics, and ask questions as well. Your question could end up in a future Q&A episode, and then you’d achieve internet celeb status for sure! 

You can subscribe to the RSS feed by clicking on the RSS link, and new episodes will be delivered to you via your preferred RSS aggregator. You can also subscribe via the overcast.fm app available for both Android and iOS devices, and hopefully iTunes will finish our approval process very soon. 

That’s it for now….I’m off to start working on the new episode—