How about a Quickie?

...I meant a Quickie Post! Geez, what were you thinking? 

Two articles I  think you should read right now.

Who doesn’t want to be a leader? Well that’s a big question for another day, but if you are interested in thoughts on developing your own leadership qualities, and doing so in a very effective, non-smarmy way, I think you should go read this article Mark Sisson breaks down his 7 suggestions for how to be a better leader and I agree with all of them.

Next up, this article which was originally recommended by local trainer and all around good-guy Mark Smith (go read My Trip to the Asylum for more about Mark and his approach to movement and fitness). The author does a terrific job of explaining what to look for in a competent trainer, no matter what your specific goals are. Spoiler, it’s not necessarily their bicep measurement.

I’ll be posting a regular wordy, informative, slightly humorous article myself in just a bit, but I really wanted to get these links up for you all to peruse.