Happy World Health Day!

It’s April 7th, and that means its World Health Day! Today you’ve probably already seen a slew of tweets, FaceBook posts, tv talk show segments and ads, featuring ways to improve and focus on your health. And that’s a good thing. But shouldn’t World Health Day be everyday? Why relegate focusing on your health to one official day each year. Let’s work to make each and everyday our own personal World Health Day, and in one year’s time we will have revolutionized our lives and our health. 

To get you started on that Health Revolution, I’ve compiled a short list of four of my favorite health focused websites and bloggers. I’m always interested in what other smart folks are writing about! 

Mark’s Daily Apple  
Mark Sisson is a former elite endurance athlete who revolutionized his own health when he dropped the standard approach and adopted a Primal lifestyle. His blog posts are always thought provoking and well written, and he has a loyal following of engaged Primal enthusiasts. 

Bridal Coaching by Emily/The Great Vibes Guide
Emily is a busy, entertaining, and inspirational Yoga Teacher, and Health Coach, who also offers Bridal Coaching. She blogs about everything from dealing with anxiety to whipping up delicious healthier cocktails. She’s also finishing a degree at Wake Forest —what a slouch! 

Coconuts and Kettlebells 
What doesn’t Noelle Tarr do? She’s a nutritional therapist, personal trainer, blogger, and podcaster. On her website you can find daily workouts, recipes, skincare help and all around great info for leading a healthier more balanced life. She really walks the talk and has first-hand experience in recovering from the ravages of under-eating and over-exercising. 

Robb Wolf 
This guy—author, researcher, athlete, coach, podcast god— I can’t imagine a more all around amazing resource for information on living your healthiest life. I won’t even attempt to summarize his message, you need go check it out for yourself. When I’m feeling stuck, or unmotivated this is where I go to get myself back in gear. Popping in my earbuds and listening to his podcast while going for a walk is my not-so-secret guilty pleasure. What can I say? I’m a health-nerd. 

So why four recommendations and not the more usual Top 5 type list? Well, if you’re reading this here I would hope you’d fill in that number five spot with this very website. I know I’m biased, but providing you with interesting, relevant, actionable information is something I work hard at and hopefully I’m doing a good job at it. 

Now, go do something amazing with the rest of your day!