Sitting on Treasure?

"Junk in the trunk might be treasure

For many women it’s completely natural to have a higher body fat level and accumulate more fat in the gluteofemoral region–the hips, butt, and thighs–because that’s where women store DHA for future baby brain construction. That’s probably why gluteofemoral fat is notoriously stubborn and hard to burn – because it’s a reliable, secure way to store an important nutrient (DHA) that’s often scarce during pregnancy. In fact, having that kind of fat is actually a sign of good metabolic health.

Embrace your lower body fat, since it correlates strongly with health."


I have a few 'Must Read' blogs and websites and Mark's Daily Apple is at the top of the list. I loved today's blog post so much I had to link to here....and that quote above should be engraved on every flat surface in America. Seriously. I've long railed against the idea that women should have body fat percentages in the mid to high teens. I remember having dinner with a group of Health Eating Educators a few years ago, and one of the women was bemoaning her BF% as too high. She wanted to get down to 9%. WTF? Even then, deep into the world of no added fats and a whole grain based diet, I knew that wasn't healthy for a woman in her childbearing years. 

Ladies, love your thighs, and your butt, and your tummy pooch if you've got one. If you need some inspiration, go google fertility goddess images. Being healthy and strong doesn't mean being a stick, or fighting your body's natural rhythms. Eat real food, move around everyday, lift some heavy things, and embrace your beautiful self. xoxo

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