Color Me....Frustrated

Frustrated. That's my word of the day. 

I’ve been on this Ketogenic journey for 21 days today. That’s three full weeks. I thought I was  getting the hang of eating this way, and started feeling pretty confident. Maybe I got a little cocky. I should have known better. 

After feeling really good overall (once the carb flu ended), I got on the scale on Monday morning and did not like what it told me. Now, I’m trying to bear in mind that weight fluctuations are completely normal, and that my increase is more than likely due to my monthly cycle causing water retention. I know and accept that on an intellectual level. However on an emotional level, I don’t care for it. Not one bit. But I’m going to press on.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time delving even deeper into resources on correctly eating a Ketogenic diet, and am currently watching a video of a presentation given by Dr. Phinney, in Australia. Thanks to my setback and the resultant desire to research more into this diet, I feel like I’ve pinpointed a few aspects I was either misunderstanding or overlooking. 

The first change I’m making is incorporating more sodium into my diet. I hadn’t been paying much (any) attention to that number, but looking back over my numbers for the last 21 days, I can see that I have a very low sodium intake. This is most likely due to the absence of processed foods in my diet. I make nearly everything I eat from scratch, and I don’t add much salt to my cooking or my finished dishes. That changes today. I will be aiming for 5 grams of sodium a day total. I use Pink Himalayan Salt, or Celtic Sea Salt, so I’ll have the added benefits of the trace minerals found in those two sources. Some folks might be thinking that 5 grams sounds excessive. Our own government recommends 2.3 grams as the upper limit, but research shows we need more than that to function well. And given the way I sweat down here in the summer I’m not worried about a sodium build up. In fact, I think my headaches (yes, they’re back) and dizziness are directly related to my sodium being too low. So, excuse me, could you please pass that salt shaker? 

The second adjustment is going to be drinking bone broth. I fully admit sipping a mug of bone broth on a 95 degree day isn’t super appealing, but I think I need the hydration and the minerals. And I’m considering stirring in a spoonful of collagen as well. My digestion has gone a bit off the rails again, and it seems adding bone broth into my diet should help with that. And I’m hoping it will help with another unwelcome recent development…

I’m hungry almost all of the time! It seems very strange that I’m eating around 70 grams of fat a day (that’s 630 kcal) and I’m not feeling full. The first week I was having to force myself to eat, and now I’m having to hold myself back. This is probably my body’s response to losing a bit of weight. Sort of like my metabolism wizard is yelling ‘Release the Ghrelin!” while my leptin levels are napping away. Not cool, not cool at all. Let’s see if I can disrupt that with a mug of broth. 
And, I’m going to go ahead and up my protein intake a bit as well.

Bearing in mind that Ketogenic Diets are moderate protein, I know myself and I do better on the higher end of moderate. Yes, yes, women aren’t supposed to need as much protein as men, but I’m pretty sure my near constant gnawing hunger can be quelled with an additional 10-15 grams of protein a day, and that should not kick me out of ketosis. 

The last adjustment is that I am trying to eat a small meal/substantial snack, around 3pm. For quite a while now I have been eating breakfast around 10:30 or 11 am, and then not eating again until dinner. Given that we typically eat dinner in the 7:30-8:30 pm range, that’s just too long for me to go without food. 

As I move on into week four of this experiment, I hope to start seeing more positives and less negatives. So many people have had amazing health breakthroughs on this diet, and I would like to personally experience some of that. Here’s hoping. 

Thanks for reading, and continuing to follow along on this experiment! Everyone of us has to find the right way to eat for optimal health. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. If you need help finding your right way, I have a few openings for new clients right now. You can contact me HERE and we can get started getting you on your unique path to wellness. 

****update to the update**** I went back and looked at my weigh-in data from Monday, and my body fat percentage had dropped even though my weight went up. So things aren’t all bad.