Flying My Keto Flag

Keto Update: Week 2

14 days. Has it really already been 14 days? That can’t be right, but today is June 14th, so it must be. Guess I’m flying my Keto Flag this flag day. Is there a Keto Flag? If not there should be. That way those of us on a Ketogenic Diet could fly one outside our homes as a warning that there are no crackers or chips available there. Although the flip-side is it would tip off Avocado thieves to our plentiful supply of those green gems. 

On to the progress report…I am so happy my Carb Flu has resolved. I haven’t had a headache since the 5th of June, I’m feeling more like my old self mood-wise (which may or may not be a good thing), and my energy has been slowly ramping back up. I also saw a 1.1 lb drop in bodyweight since my last update post. Not amazing, but not too shabby. I try to remind myself that people who see huge losses probably have a lot more weight to lose than I do. But still, I’m vain. And impatient. I’m working on that. I also had several evening events this last week that interfered with eating a carefully planned and lovingly cooked meal at home. I ate out a bit more than I like to. Still, I’m impressed that I was able to stick to my plan reasonably well. 

I’ve definitely gotten better at hitting closer to the mark with my macros. My latest 7 day average is pretty good, although that protein number is still a little high. I really love protein-rich foods, and it’s hard for me to feel really sated during the day without going over my protein goals. I may just have to adjust them upwards a bit, and see if  a higher amount negatively affects my ketosis state, or my body composition. 

Not too bad, but still needs improvement

Not too bad, but still needs improvement

Speaking of protein-rich foods, remember how last week I bragged about being able to re-include eggs in my diet. Yeah. Cursed myself. Two days after posting that, I was hit with a redux of my egg-related GI problems. Lucky me. My breakfasts this week so far (Tuesday) have been: Skipped it Sunday—wasn’t hungry. Skipped it on Monday because I was stupid-busy in the morning. I just had coffee and water. Today I had some leftover salmon and broccoli (cobbled from previous dinners), avocado, some homemade Caesar Dressing, and coffee. I will always have coffee. 

As I mentioned previously, I generally don’t eat lunch. Sometimes I don’t eat my first meal until around 11:45, but I still call it breakfast since that’s when I BREAK my FAST. Do labels really matter? Hint: they don’t. If you’re having trouble eating well because you get hung up on what foods should be eaten at which meals, may I humbly suggest renaming your meals? Meal 1, 2, 3, etc is just as valid as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Or you could go all creative and call them Elevenses, Tea, Family Feast…have fun with it. 

An area where I am still having a lot of trouble is hitting my calorie goals. I’m reluctant to post my calorie totals, as I don’t want to start a big debate about minimum/maximum daily caloric intake. Suffice to say, not everyone needs 2K calories a day. But I am having a difficult time getting enough calories and not exceeding my protein levels. I’m making sure to drink a minimum of 2 liters of water a day (and often way more than that), but I’m often quite hungry. So I know I’m not really getting sufficient calories at the moment. I don’t want to resort to eating spoonfuls of coconut oil on the regular. I think it might be time to investigate Fat-Bombs. 

One big change I’ve noticed, and maybe some of you who have been Keto for a while have experience with this; my alcohol tolerance has plummeted. Granted it has been many, many years since I was a Party Person, but I find I’m feeling the effects of alcohol much more quickly. I’ve never been one to drink because of the buzz. Truthfully, if non-alcoholic wine had the same flavor complexities and benefits I’d be thrilled. Whatever the reason, I apologize to my favorite watering holes for the dip in profits. 

Thus far I haven’t added any supplements into my diet, as I seem to be getting enough Vitamin C, A, K, and decent amounts of iron and calcium through dietary sources alone. And it’s a sunny summer in NC, so my Vitamin D levels are probably pretty good right now. I’m not big on getting my Vitamins via pills or powders. I know many folks swear by them, but for me it’s a trust issue. How do I really know what’s in that pill? And don’t get me started on dodgy protein powders. I’ll just eat fish, and grass-fed two and four legged creatures. And the occasional many-legged creatures of the sea. 

Going forward into my third week of this experiment, I think my biggest challenges will be the calorie issue and handling a long day of moving my daughter into her summer dorm. That entails a seven hour round-trip drive, and a full day of move-in, parent meetings, campus tours, and teary goodbyes. I should probably pack snacks. And tissues. And eye-drops. And a cool-gel eye mask. And more tissues. 

One more thing. I’m planning to increase the frequency of my somewhat sporadic yoga sessions starting today. I feel so great when I’m practicing regularly and I’m a bit disappointed in myself for falling off the yoga-wagon again. But feeling bad about it isn’t going to make me feel any better, so I’m making a commitment to myself to spend time on my mat everyday for the rest of the month. You are all my witnesses. I know Keto is not about exercise or chanting, or anything other than food, but I need to add this in. It’s important to feed the soul as well as the body.
I’m trying not to look too far ahead. Trying not to make predictions about how I’ll do or feel in a week or two weeks or three weeks. I’m trying to take this as it comes. Each day is a new day, and a new chance to feel even better. Thanks for being a part of this experiment, and allowing me to share my goals, and progress with you.