Friday Feeling: Love Yo Self

A while back I was having coffee with a friend and we were talking about mindset and positivity, and how that affects our health and our ability to sustain change. Yeah. Nerdy coaching talk. But during that conversation I said “You can’t hate yourself healthy, it has to come from a place of self-love”. And that verbalization of a belief I’ve held for a long time, was like a giant glitter ball exploding all over our coffee date. It’s not that I’m oh-so brilliant, I just found a succinct way to say what we both knew deep down. 
You really cannot achieve lasting positive changes unless you are coming from a place of love. You have to love and accept yourself right now, in order to want to do what’s best for you, in order to feel worth the effort and investment. 
But what if you’re not quite there yet? How do you even start to love yourself, to feel worthy, to become your own number one fan? 
I’ve got a few ideas for you, and hey look—it’s Friday so you could start right away! 

 5 Ways to Show Yourself Some Love

1. Get a mani/pedi. Or give yourself one if you don’t want to hit the nail salon. You’d be surprised how having nice shiny nails and non-crusty feet makes you feel all special and loved. And this isn’t just for the ladies…fellas deserve to have presentable hands and feet too! 

2. Wash and deep condition your hair. Or better yet, if it’s in the budget call your fave hair stylist and schedule a deep conditioning treatment and blow-out. You KNOW how it good it feels when you get your hair washed at the salon—all that scalp massaging seems to melt away all my stress—and when you leave with shiny, swingy locks you’ll look and feel fabulous.   

3. Take a nice long soak. Seriously, you probably have at least four fizzy bath bombs rolling around in your bathroom right now. We all do. We either get them as gifts, or buy them ourselves as a special treat, and then never get around to actually using them. Well, now is the time! Pop your iPhone in a bowl on the counter (it acts as a speaker!), put on some relaxing music, fill the tub up and toss that fizzy bomb in there. Now lean back and relax. Have a glass of wine, or infused water too while you’re  at it. Heck, go all out and slather on a moisturizing facial mask and really pamper yourself! 

4. Go take a Hike. Time in nature is absolutely essential to our wellbeing, but most of us don’t get enough of it. Whether you love the beach, or the mountains, the forest, or the desert, just get out there and soak up the peaceful vibes (and negative ions) that abound in nature. Don’t put any stress on yourself to accomplish some noteworthy feat or log a specific number of miles. Just go, and let whatever unfolds unfold.

5. Write yourself a love note. I know, it sounds hokey but I’m serious. We all listen really well to that negative voice in our heads, but how often do we hear the loving voice? Sit down with nice paper and your favorite pen, and write down all the things you really like, really LOVE about yourself. You’re probably pretty damn awesome, and it’s time you knew it! Once you’ve written your letter, read it and then tuck it somewhere safe. When you’re having one of ‘THOSE’ days, pull it out and realize how fantastic and loved you are. 

Once you start treating yourself like you deserve to be treated, you’ll want to keep going! And all of a sudden you’ll see how much you’re really worth and you won’t settle for less! xoxo

What’s your favorite way to show yourself the love? Let me know in the comments, and if you decide to implement any of these ideas let me know how it made you feel!