Friday Feeling: Sadness

I have been trying to write a positive post focused on health and wellness, but my mind is consumed with sadness and grief over what has transpired in our country this week. Writing a recipe post, or a chirpy piece on the importance of drinking more water seems out of place. While I have purposely not made any political statements on this blog, I do feel the need to acknowledge that we as a nation, as a world, are experiencing difficult times. Stressful times. Devastating times. My intention with my writings here has always been to offer ways you can help to heal yourself, improve yourself, and become a better version of yourself. With that said, I offer you today a few small suggestions for self-care if you are experiencing emotional stress and trauma at this time. I offer this with love and compassion. Take what you need. Leave what does not serve you. Namaste. 

1. Acknowledge your emotions. Name them and accept them. You have a right to feel however you feel. 
2. Connect with your tribe. Reach out to those who are supportive and understanding. You need to be heard, not to hear advice or be told what to think or feel. 
3. Sleep. Yes, sleep is crucial to processing emotions and you need to make it a priority. If you are having trouble sleeping (common during stress) try an epsom salt bath, and a cup of warm herbal tea to help relax your body and mind. 
4. Eat. Too often we forget to eat when we are stressed, or we binge on sugary, unhealthy choices. Make sure to feed your body nutritious protein rich foods. Hummus, nuts, eggs, yogurt, broths and soups are easy and comforting healthy choices. 
5. Move your body to ease your mind. Go for a walk outside, or along a river or the ocean. Outdoor spaces calm us and allow our minds to rest. Practice gentle yoga. Or, if intense exercise is more calming to you, try an HIIT workout, or a Zumba class or hot yoga. Whatever you choose, moving your body will release endorphins and allow your nervous system to release stress. 
6. Cry. It is healthy to release emotion and stress through the act of crying. While you may not want to do this publicly, allow yourself privacy and time to cry if you want to. I cried my way through my meditation today, and that allowed me the clarity to write this post and move on with my day.
7. Try to maintain a routine. It is tempting to curl up in a ball and stay there at times like this. But as much as possible, try to keep to your daily schedule. Routine can be soothing and helps us to avoid becoming consumed with grief. 
8. Shower or bathe. Water is soothing, figuratively and literally. It both cleanses and revitalizes us. If you haven’t showered today, go now. Let the warm water ease your pain. 
9. Stay hydrated. Drinking water prevents us becoming dehydrated and becoming dehydrated exacerbates fatigue and depression. Do not allow yourself to become dehydrated. 
10. Take your time. Don’t feel you have to rush yourself through a time of stress and grief. This process takes as long as it takes, and that’s different for everyone. But do give your self permission to seek professional support and help if you are feeling stuck in one place or feel you are regressing. 

Please accept these suggestions for self-care in the spirit of love with which they offered.