My Big FAT 4th of July

Happy 240th birthday America! Although the weather here in the East is putting a damper on all the outdoor festivities today, everyone still seems to be in a celebratory mood and is keeping the good vibes going. For all my non-US based readers, Happy Monday! 

I thought I’d do one last #30DaysKeto post today. My 30 day experiment officially ended on Thursday June 30th, but since I had been posting Monday progress reports I figured I’d stick with that schedule. And a wrap up post about a fat centered diet seems perfect for a day when most of us are going to eat our faces off, and not feel the least bit bad about it. So here we go. 

Over the previous week I had some great days, and some not so great days as far as hitting my calorie and macro goals. As usual I struggled most days to hit my calorie goals. I really don’t know why it’s so hard for me. I love avocado, butter, cream, olives, cheese; basically all the high-fat foods I should be eating in order to hit my goals. But for whatever reason, I can’t seem to consistently eat the number of calories I should be eating. Yes, Ketogenic diets are inherently more satisfying at lower calorie loads, but I still need to eat enough to not go into starvation mode, or missing out on nutrients. The trick is to figure out how to do that without eating too much protein, or going over 40 grams (20 net) of carbohydrates. As far as my macro graphs, they looked pretty good most days. I upped my protein a bit, and that allowed me to more consistently hit my fat goals without having to resort to eating spoonfuls of coconut oil. I will say, fresh sausages, avocados, and salmon are my go to foods for making sure I’m getting enough healthy fats. 

I hopped on the scale this morning and was surprised and pleased to see a lower number than last Monday. I wasn’t actually expecting to see any loss this week as I have slacked off on my evening walks due to the oppressive heat and humidity. I know that sounds lame, but if you’ve ever been in the South during the summer you know what I”m talking about. Some days you need SCUBA gear just to walk to the mailbox. But I have been back on my yoga mat everyday for the last 10 days. That was something I knew I needed to do for physical and mental health, but for some reason I wander away from for weeks or months at a time. Thanks to YouTube and Yoga with Adriene for getting me back on track. I’m feeling stronger, more flexible, and less stressed already. 

In case you wondered about the actual data regarding weight and body fat, here it is. Again, I’m not posting my actual weight as I think 1. it’s pretty irrelevant to anyone but me and 2. Women’s weight is a highly charged statistic with so much cultural bs attached to it, and I don’t want to contribute to that. But I’ll happily give you the general info:  Over the course of the 30 days I lost 3.7lbs of body weight, and 1.3% body fat. I also lost .5 inches off my waist, and 2 inches off my hips. I think it should be pretty clear where the body fat loss was! 

As far as how eating a Ketogenic Diet affected me otherwise, I have to say that overall I feel good and definitely have more sustained energy through the day. I don’t get that sudden hunger at 3 pm that was a staple of my day pre-Keto.  I haven’t noticed an improvement in my sleep or mental clarity but that may take some time to evidence itself. 

Has this been an easy transition? In some ways yes. As I was already eating a Primal diet, I didn’t have too much dietary clean-up to accomplish. For me, this was more about re-apportioning my macronutrients by massively reducing my carbohydrate intake, slightly reducing my protein intake, and greatly increasing my fat intake. Which isn’t to say it was all sunshine and roses. I absolutely miss potatoes, and let’s not even talk about cider. Going out with friends has presented its own challenges. I am not one to make MY dietary needs the needs of the group, so I have sometimes had to opt out of eating while socializing at cafes. Overall though, I’ve been able to lead a fairly normal social life and still keep to my ketogenic plan. As I said above, the biggest challenge has just been meeting my daily calorie goals. 

Moving into July, I will be continuing this experiment. As I got more in-depth in my reading on the subject, it became obvious  that in order to really experience the benefits of ketogenisis the body needs at least six weeks if not longer. While I’m very happy with my results so far, I definitely want to see what other positive changes I can effect. Maybe I’ll finally get a solid nine hours of sleep one night. I plan to continue to refine my macro percentages to find what exactly works best for me, and to hopefully start strength training in order to build muscle mass. and lean out a bit more. 

Thanks for following along with me on this experiment. I’ve enjoyed the process of logging my data and now reflecting on the results. I’m looking forward to the next 26 days and seeing what the data says. Now I'm off to see some fireworks, drink some Rum (our forefathers loved the stuff!) and toast all that's good about living in the U.S.A. 

Let me know your thoughts on Ketogenic diets for non-medical reasons: Does eating more fat to lose fat work for you? Or do you think it’s a crazy idea?