August is my favorite month. Yeah,I know it’s blazing hot and icky-sticky humid. It’s the last month of summer vacation for school kids and teachers. I saw a graphic the other day that said August is the Sunday of Summer. Maybe so. Maybe so. But I still love it. 

See, I’m an August baby. I’ve been told I wasn’t due to be born until September but decided to show up early. The one and only time I’ve ever been early for anything, by the way!  Since my birthday isn’t until the end of August I have an entire month to look forward to it. Yup, I look forward to my birthday every year, even though I’m way beyond the age where most people are happy to see their’s roll around. I mean really, getting older is a privilege many people don’t get to experience. I’m keenly aware of that. So I celebrate every year I get to be here on this planet with the people I love. 

This year I’m celebrating the whole damn month. I’m going ALL IN! Every single day in August I’m doing something good for myself. It might be something physical, or spiritual. It might be silly, or serious. It might be something solo or in a group. It just depends on the day. At the end of this month I want to be able to say that I really lived every single day to its fullest. And I want you to come along with me. 

Starting today (you still have time!), I want you to do something that makes you a better version of yourself. Raise your hand if you feel like you never have enough time to really take care of yourself because WORK, FAMILY, BILLS, STRESS… Okay, now take that hand and wrap it around your opposite side, do the same with your other hand, now give yourself a giant loving hug. You need to take a few minutes every day to recognize how awesome you are, and we’re starting now with this self-love hug. 

I don’t have a whole schedule worked out for the month, but I’ve got a few things I’ve already decided to do. If you need a few ideas you can copy off my paper. I won’t tell. 
1. I’m doing a fun 15 minute workout everyday…Even I can manage to find 15 minutes a day to move
2. I’m attending at least one yoga/meditation event this month. Community is important. 
3. BEACH TIME!!! I’m a beach girl and I haven’t gone yet this summer…
4. Espom Salt Baths at least twice a week. Ahhh, relaxing and so good for my magnesium levels
5. Dance Dance Dance….I love dancing but somehow I forgot to do it over the last year. Nope. Not acceptable. I’ll be shakin’ it a lot this month. At home, out and about, in the grocery store. 

Don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of free time, who does? Just do ONE thing everyday that you love, that’s good for you, that makes you happy, that makes you a better YOU! And keep it up for the next 31 days. 

Who’s in? I want you ALL IN for ALL IN AUGUST!  Tell me below what you’re doing…I want to know (and maybe I’ll steal some of your ideas!) what makes you feel awesome.  I’ll start us off…Today I did a new 15 minute Tabata workout and then danced around to some of my favorite music (Michael Franti,if you want to know) and a little later I’ll be rolling out my yoga mat. 

Let’s make August the BEST month so far!