That's a Wrap!

.... Well, more of a Wrap Up...

Well, All In August ended last night at midnight. I’m a little sad to see it go, to be honest. I was just getting into the groove of doing more things that are really good for me and that I really enjoy. I guess I’ll have to come up with a snappy name for September and extend my mission. 

The end of August also marked the 90 day mark for me eating a ketogenic diet. Do you know how many times I’ve been asked “Are you STILL doing that?” I realize that 90 days is a long time in a world dominated by 21, 28, and 30 day fixes, but I was surprised by just how many folks couldn’t fathom staying true to a particular eating plan for a solid three months. Um, maybe that’s something we need to look at in a podcast episode? 

So what are my take-aways from my August experiment and my LCHF eating experiment? Did I have any amazing breakthroughs, astounding epiphanies, or transcendent spiritual growth? 

To be honest—not really. I wish the results were sexier, and that I could write some clickbait title like I Lost it All in August, but that would be a bunch a hooey. Don’t be fooled though. Just because my experiments didn’t result in MASSIVE changes does not mean they weren’t worthwhile and that there were no positive results. There definitely were. 

For starters, while my weight is nearly exactly the same as it was on June 1, my body fat percentage is considerably lower. To me, that’s is a huge deal. This means that I have consistently burned stored body fat while increasing my lean body mass. As I have said repeatedly, when people say they want to lose weight, what they are really saying is that they want to lose extra fat. No one feels they are just too muscular and lean. Or that their bones are too darn dense. So by sticking with this low carb high fat eating style, I have been able to use my stored energy (aka fat) as my fuel while utilizing my dietary protein to repair and build lean mass. I like this. This should be everyone’s goal. Depending on how much extra energy you have stored over the years, you MAY see a big drop on the scale. I know of a few folks who have lost triple digit amounts of weight by eating this way, and the more you need to lose, the faster you will see the numbers change. But the thing to remember—and I had to stop and remind myself of this several times—as you approach your ideal weight, it becomes more difficult to shift those last few remaining pounds. I needed to consciously focus on my body fat percentage and my measurements in order to stay motivated. We have been conditioned to think that a calorie is a calorie and a pound is a pound…but the facts are much more complex than that. And staying motivated to stick with your plan is CRUCIAL. As I said above, we live in a society where the expectation is that we can fix any problem, achieve any goal, reset our whole lives in only 28 days! Guaranteed! and if it doesn’t work, well somehow you did it wrong, or didn’t believe hard enough or didn’t paste the correct pictures onto your vision board… The truth is it’s hard work to change how you eat, what you eat, why you eat, and consistently make better choices. And it takes a lot longer than 28 days to change a lifetime of consequences. Those first 21, 28, or 30 days can give you the kick in the pants to get going with a new lifestyle, and you may very well see some immediate results,  but you need to commit to making positive changes permanently not just until you reach your goal.  

From reading thus far, you may have surmised that I plan to keep on keepin’ on with the Ketogenic approach. You would be correct, although I am leaning toward incorporating a few more carbs (from whole food sources) on a weekly basis. I’ve noticed that I feel better overall if I allow myself to have some fruit, or a bit of maple syrup or honey now and then, especially if I’ve done a few intense workouts during the week. I definitely sleep better with a few more carbs in my evening meal. I’ve seen this approach called Slow Carb, but whatever the official name is it’s  how I’ll be eating for the Autumn. And of course I'll still be recording and tracking all of my dietary intake, body measurements, weight, and body fat percentage. Data is knowledge and knowledge is power. 

Now, what about all that awesome self-care, and focus on doing more of the things I love and less of the stuff that stresses me out? I must admit, I did not do as well in that area as I would have liked. Can you believe I still never got to the beach? What is wrong with me? I have discovered that I have a very, very difficult time putting myself first. Anyone else have that problem? Hands up! 
I think a lot of us suffer from this…especially us women. We make sure everyone else has everything they need, or want, or might possible like…and then and only then do we stop to consider what we need. I am just as guilty of this as anyone else. I did manage to do a few fun/different/inspiring things though, so I consider August to be a modest success. 
A few of the highlights include attending a Pure Barre class (I’ll be writing up my experience in an upcoming blog!), going to a Vintage Style meet up with my gorgeous daughter, actually getting out of town for a day at the art museum, and committing to (and tracking) a regular workout plan and yoga practice. These might not sound too exciting to most people, but my life is generally a mix of work, taking care of a busy family and several needy pets, and then trying to fit a little me time in there. I am working on improving my ratios in those areas. 

Even though Summer still has three weeks to go, the beginning of September always feels like a fresh start and I intend to make the most of that feeling. As All in August fades away, I am diving into this new month with renewed sense of joie de vivre, and commitment to improving every day for myself as well as my clients.  

If you’re ready to make the commitment to reaching your goals, contact me to see if my coaching services are right for you. I only take on clients who understand what it takes…there aren’t any quick fixes and the work can be hard. But for those who want it,  and are willing to work for it, the results are amazing. 

What do you have lined up for September? Let me know in the comments!