Don't Get Labeled!

Hey  Y’all! 
Today I thought I’d write what I call a ‘drive-by post’…just a quick little note, a suggestion, reminder, food for thought sort of thing. Today’s topic? READ YOUR LABELS!

We all know we should be reading our food labels….I mean ideally we’d only ever eat foods that don’t require labels, but the reality is almost all of us buy and consume at least a few items that come in packages, or we buy something from the service deli at the grocery store. Whatever. That’s modern life. If you’re like me you have a few tried and trusted brands of foods that you know are free from artificial ingredients, and/or things you’re sensitive/allergic too. I avoid soy, gluten, wheat, and artificial sweeteners. 

But here’s the thing, sometimes manufacturers change their formulations. And that food you’ve always known was okay for you suddenly ISN”T! Unless you’re checking your labels on the regular, you won’t know that until you start to have weird symptoms, start feeling bad, and don’t know why because you haven’t changed anything. Go check your labels and I bet you’ll find out you are inadvertently eating something that doesn’t work for you. Ask me how I know! 

That’s right…yours truly has been feeling like garbage for days. First I thought it was just that I haven’t been getting enough sleep. Then I thought maybe I had a stomach bug. Then when no one else in the house seemed to be suffering from any of the same symptoms I decided to do a little digging. Lo and Behold! Turns out a seasoning rub I had been using now contains Wheat Gluten, and a smoothie ingredient ( yes, I’m back on a morning smoothie kick) contains Sucralose (aka Splenda). No wonder I’m hitting my daily step goal in running back and forth to the bathroom (TMI), and also look 4 months pregnant!  I’ll be spending the rest of my week drinking (even more) water, looking for replacements for these previously non-problem items, and reminding everyone to check those labels. 

I hate that companies change things up without having to alert consumers. I’m lucky  that my sensitivities are not life-threatening, and I sincerely hope anyone with a life or death allergy is hyper vigilant about reading labels, but this just serves to remind all of us that we need to be on our guard, and proactive about protecting ourselves and our health. No one else is going to do it for us. 

Now go check your labels.